Save the Fred Caterson Reserve

This is an initiative of the Save Fred Caterson Reserve Group.  

Fred Caterson Reserve provides an important role in providing our community various opportunities to partake in organised sport, hobbies, activities and casual recreation.

It also provides our community a very unique natural environment to enjoy in the heart of Castle Hill.

These unique elements ought to be protected. It’s important that there is planning for appropriate recreation space to cater for our future population, however, we need to ensure an appropriate balance between meeting the need of future population and also retaining our unique environment in the heart of Castle Hill.

I do not support the re-development of the old Pony Club site and the creation of 3 Rugby fields which includes the removal of Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, Sandstone Transition Forest and Shale Transition Forest approx 23709 m3 (calculations taken from aerial photograph).

The unique values of the bushland ought to be retained for future generations. Fred Caterson Reserve is not suited for addition of three Rugby fields or to become a new home to the Eastwood District Rugby Club.

As the Labor Candidate for Castle Hill, I have been requested for comment and whether I support the preservation of Fred Caterson reserve and needless to say, I unequivocally support it.

Save the Fred Caterson Reserve Facebook Group can be found here.

You can sign the Fred Caterson Reserve Petition below and if you wish to support me in the election campaign, please provide your details below.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country

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I acknowledge the continued connection that First Nations people have to the lands and waters of Australia.

I pay my respect to Elders past, present and emerging. 

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